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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Hungary in Zagreb!


Many of our fellow citizens are familiar with Croatia, acquiring knowledge either through curricular studies or personal experience. Despite linguistic differences and historical turmoil, Hungarians and Croats lived in a common land for eight centuries. These two countries, guided by mutual respect and understanding for the most part of their historic cohabitation, have become members of the Euro-Atlantic institutions. The period after the regime change of the late ‘80s and the declaration of the Croatian independence has seen the solidification of inter-state sympathy, within good neighborly relations we considered each other as strategic partners.


In contrast with often idyllic-prone understandings of the historical perspective the website of the Embassy is focused on providing objective information about the current Hungaro-Croatian relations to anyone interested in visiting our Southern neighbor, whether for touristic or business purposes. An objective approach brings us to acknowledge that our relations have witnessed some turbulence, in relation to coping with challenges of energy security in particular and some others the whole European Union is facing in general. Nevertheless, the results of our cooperation, the foundations of which were laid down 25 years ago, cannot be denied. Croatia has become a member of NATO and the European Union with considerable Hungarian support. Great attention is paid to the preservation of the identity of Hungarian and Croatian ethnic groups in both countries, Hungarians and Croats for years now enjoy the privilege of travelling to each other without passports. The fact that Hungary, with acquisitions totaling 2.5 billion Euros, remains the fourth largest investor in Croatia, also justifies the correctness of our economic agenda. During the last 20 years, bilateral merchandise trade flows increased seven times, with a particular record of more than 20 percent in 2015. We, Hungarians, are the fifth most important partner for Croatia in foreign trade. There is further demand for proactive role in the fields of trade, investments and services in both countries, as evidenced by last year's establishment of the Hungarian Business Club in Zagreb. The Club includes more than 150 Hungarian commercial entities. For the benefit of small- and medium-size enterprises as well as entrepreneurs in the border area, we have the ambition to improve the infrastructure in the Hungarian-Croatian border region, an area having one of the lowest number of border crossing points in the European Union.


The Hungarian Government contributes to the enhancing of our cultural and social ties through the work of our Cultural Institute, opened in early 2014 at the heart of Zagreb, and by other means of cultural diplomacy. In addition, our programs throughout 2016, dedicated to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the Battle of Szigetvár and the heroism of fortress captain Nikola Zrinski, show that there are far more things that unite us than divide us.


Adriatic Croatia has become an increasingly popular destination among Hungarian tourists, thanks to direct motorway connections, real estate purchases and the establishment of friendly relations. Our consular services are available to our fellow citizens in Zagreb and Osijek, as well as in Split during the summer months.


I believe that this web site will provide guidance and contribute to a better understanding of our relations with Croatia and Croatia itself.


Ambassador József Magyar